London Property Development — Ben Kelly & Ben Gannon of Lanbury

Sam Silverwood-Cope
4 min readOct 16, 2020

London is one of the most sort after places to live in the world, but space is of a premium. How do developers find, acquire and market their developments?

London Development SE10 — Ben Kelly and Gannon Lanbury

Privately owned Lanbury London was established in 2017 under the expertise of Directors Ben Kelly and Ben Gannon. With over 25 years of combined experience Lanbury London produces innovative and aspirational buildings for both residential and commercial properties.

Ben Kellys’ 13 years industry experience as an agent and investment consultant, led him to co-found Lanbury London with Ben Gannon, who’s additional 13 years Chartered Surveyor experience in development, land acquisitions and new homes sales created the perfect union. Together they have produced a catalogue of highly impressive new developments and conversions across the South and East of London. Their aim is to continue to develop design-led, aspirational residential properties across one of the world’s most desirable capital cities.

The focus of Lanbury’s development and investment are viewed in 5 key areas:

  • Lanbury Office
  • Lanbury Land
  • Lanbury Industrial
  • Lanbury Residential
  • Lanbury Retail

And working alongside Londons’ highly respected architects, Ben Kelly and Ben Gannon closely collaborate with all the teams appointed for acquisition, planning, delivery and marketing. This is to ensure the impressive design led developments always have a strong focus on sustainability whilst also enhancing the local area.

From the outset, extending the broader value to the wider community is as important to Ben Kelly and Ben Gannon as acquiring and developing the right property in the right location for the beneficial impact of the resident or business. They achieve this by working with skilled planning consultants and strategic advisors who strive only for positive planning consent. In addition, the design and craftsmanship of Lanbury London properties are always undertaken by the most highly regarded and skilled principal contractors, engineers and specialist craftsmen to create a beautiful living space inside and out.

Lanbury seeks and explores investment and development opportunities which have the potential for comprehensive redevelopment. Whether the property be land, new developments or conversions, and for residential or mixed use, the objective is consistently to unleash the greatest value from these opportunities.

Crafting new developments London. Ben Kelly Gannon Lanbury

Lanburys’ approach to purchasing opportunities follows a no nonsense approach, submitting offers that are signed off at Director level and after detailed due diligence. Their extensive experience and ability to identify and recognise an opportunity for regeneration or development is key to the success of the project. Once that type of property has been identified by Lanbury Group the project management begins on the following areas:

Lanbury Acquisition

To buy sites and buildings where they can deliver new exceptional places. By having a flexible approach to deal-structure and a flat decision-making process allows them to act quickly and expedite target acquisitions.

Lanbury Project Planning

The core value of the business is to develop spaces that benefit and reflect the locality, as well as produce aspirational living properties. To gain successful planning consent, Lanbury employs planning consultants and strategic advisors to assist in navigating through this complex process.

Lanbury Craftsmanship

Selecting the right team to deliver the shared vision of the design team is essential, which is why behind every project Lanbury Group always appoints Londons’ most highly regarded principal contractors, engineers and specialist craftsmen to work on each of their projects.

Lanbury Marketing

Lanbury pride themselves on their creative approach to marketing. The use video production agency Beast for all their drone and development videos. Pus they create bespoke sites to showcase the teams and the developments. Throughout the entire development process, with both the future occupiers and the wider community they maintain open and clear communication.

Visualising the dream — Ben Kelly Lanbury

New Projects are always coming on, but they have to offer the right opportunities for investment and the possibility of being high-end and desirable living spaces.

Ben Gannon and Ben Kelly pride themselves in the relationships Lanbury have with highly acclaimed architects, engineers, craftsmen and contractors in London. Working together Lanbury are continually looking to the future. Be it technological advances, evolution of lifestyle practices or environmental innovations — all of the Lanbury developments are specified with an emphasis on sustainability and to be future-proof by design.



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